Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga is a combination of Ashtanga/Vinyasa and Hatha which brings movement and breath into a sequence of postures (asana) allowing you to move freely through emotions and release stress and tension built up in the body and mind.

About Flow Yoga Class

You will feel ignited, energised and lighter after a flow class. 

Each class incorporates a creative flow of energetic movement through yoga asana(postures) and gives you space to feel the benefits of yoga for body and mind. Meditation, pranayama also known as breathing techniques and relaxation will be included in every class. Themes are created for each class to incorporate yoga philosophy for everyday living so our experience of yoga continues with us off the mat.


Class Timetable

Kick Start Yoga Flow – Monday with Michelle @ 7am 

Yoga Flow- Monday with Josefina @ 7pm

Somatic Yoga Flow – Tuesday with Charlotte @ 9.30am

Zen Yoga Flow – Tuesday with Michelle @ 5.30pm

Hatha Vinyasa Flow – Monday @ 5.45pm & Thursday @ 7pm with Catherine 

Yin Yang Flow – Friday with Catherine @ 9.30am